[Worksheet] ABM Strategy #7: Land & Expand

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Selling to large mid-market and enterprise accounts can be tricky, especially when they’re divided into smaller divisions or subsidiaries that operate independently and often have different points of contact. This is where you’ll want to “land and expand.”

If you’ve done business with one division of a large company and are hoping to expand into others, you can use account-based marketing to reach key stakeholders and your existing relationship with their colleagues to build trust. If possible, leverage testimonials or a case study from your target buyers’ colleagues along with hyper-personalized content created just for them.

Targeted display advertising is a key channel to promote your custom content for land and expand campaigns. You can use technology like Terminus to present digital ads to those target divisions’ key decision-makers.

As you expand your relationship with different departments or divisions within an enterprise company, you will evolve from being just another vendor to being an invaluable partner that’s embedded in the DNA of their business.

[Worksheet] ABM Strategy #6: Upsell/Cross-Sell
[Worksheet] ABM Strategy #6: Upsell/Cross-Sell

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