[Worksheet] ABM Strategy #4: Pipeline Acceleration

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Pipeline acceleration campaigns are the bread and butter of pipeline velocity. This campaign focuses on moving accounts currently in your pipeline through each stage of the sales process more quickly.

By using account-based marketing tactics to complement the 1:1 conversations your account executives are having with opportunities, you can reinforce the message sales is sending and reach more decision-makers at those accounts. As a result, you’re educating your audience and engaging with key stakeholders who are not yet involved in the sales conversation.

Real-World Example: How SOASTA Used ABM to Shorten Their Sales Cycle by 40%

Jenny Coupe’s team at SOASTA, an Akamai company, started out using account-based marketing to generate demand but quickly realized they had an opportunity to use it for pipeline acceleration as well.

“We haven’t had good reach historically around marketing to [the] marketing function and C-level function,” Jenny explains. But with account-based advertising, they are now able to engage the right people at their target accounts, leading to faster acceleration through sales funnel.

As a result, SOASTA shortened their sales cycle from 95 days  to 57 days using ABM.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Pipeline Velocity ABM Campaigns
Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Pipeline Velocity ABM Campaigns

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[Worksheet] ABM Strategy #5: Wake the Dead
[Worksheet] ABM Strategy #5: Wake the Dead