3 Ways Keenan Killed It at #FlipMyFunnel Account-Based Marketing Conference

June 7, 2016 Lauren Patrick

KeenanA Sales Guy – absolutely crushed his session at the #FlipMyFunnel Festival in Austin. As the author of Not Taught, a book explaining what needs to be changed in the sales ecosystem, he’s witnessing the evolulation of account-based marketing firsthand.

“I hear so many people buzzing about sales development, marketing, and account-based marketing that I feel like there is a revolution happening,” Keenan said. “There is a revolution happening in enablement, there is a revolution happening in sales tools, but there is no revolution happening in the fundamentals of sales.”

Here are three key insights from Keenan’s presentation on account-based marketing at #FlipMyFunnel.

Be Santa. Make a list of your customers’ problems that you solve.

@keenan Business problems are the impact of technical problems. Make a list. Be Santa. #flipmyfunnel pic.twitter.com/mykwUBNnWO

— Duncan Robertson (@darwerk) June 7, 2016

Giving your customers answers to their problem should be a no-brainer, but for many B2B marketers we get so wrapped with our own ideas thinking we know what they need instead of asking what they actually want.

Lead with empathy

#flipmyfunnel in Keenan's session author of Not Taught says "lead with empathy" in sales to drive trust @SensisTX pic.twitter.com/Trxe3zaP6k

— Karla Fernandez (@kp_fernandez) June 7, 2016

Empathizing with the pain points your contacts are experiencing is the first start to creating relevant messages which will resonate. With account-based marketing, you have to deliver content which your prospects and customers actually care about.

Nobody gives a sh*t about you, or your company, or your product, or any other corny thing about you

Ha! Well said @keenan "We have one job and it's not to sell anything" #flipmyfunnel #thefixaa @techmarketeratl pic.twitter.com/HEBUSKvzww

— Eren Matsota (@ErenMatsota) June 7, 2016

B2B marketers are notoriously bad about talking about themselves instead of highlighting the customer experience. Account-based marketing puts the customer first, removing ourselves, and our brand, from the equation.

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