5 Killer B2B Marketing Takeaways from #Momentum15

November 18, 2015 Sangram Vajre

Last week in the Windy City, members of the Chicago AMA gathered at Gleacher Center for Momentum 2015. The rockstar cast of presenters included:

They spoke on a variety of topics such as data-driven social media, improving your marketing results through predictive analytics, handling data breaches on social media, using the right technology to improve customer experience, and the future of the technology marketing stack. The last one was admittedly one of our favorites. :-)

There were many great moments of #Momentum15. Here are our top five favorites.

1. The customer is demanding engagement on their terms.

#momentum15 is off to a great start! @matthewtennant from @McDonalds is sharing social media best practices for better customer engagement

— Casey Foss (@cfoss24) November 10, 2015

Customers have so many options when it comes to choosing who they want to do business with. Even in a B2B buying situation, decisions are made based largely on emotion and less on logic. The experience that key decision-makers have with your brand, even on social media, makes a difference in how your company is perceived and definitely plays a role in whether they sign the contract.

2. Great customer experience turns best fit customers into advocates

Drive brand advocacy: be authentic, go beyond expectations and build community. @matthewtennant #momentum15

— Alicia Johnston (@aliciabjohnston) November 10, 2015

When you focus on providing a great customer experience, it’s much easier to get customers talking about your brand. Meeting their expectations is not enough. Challenge the status quo and wow your customers with an experience that they’ll never forget (and will be talking about forever).

3. Technology makes it easier than ever to rock your customer’s world.

Using the right technology 2 improve customer experience #momentum15 @MazenGhalayini @benphoster @salesforce pic.twitter.com/ULFh763klk

— Chicago AMA (@chicagoama) November 10, 2015

There are great tools on the marketer that will help you to maximize customer engagement and turn them into advocates. Here are a few of my favorites:

4. Data is the silver bullet of modern marketing

Hanging out with the @chicagoama this afternoon for #momentum15. Learning how to incorporate data into strategy. YAS.

— Sarah Nagel (@sprout_sarah) November 10, 2015

A marketing team with the right data in hand is unstoppable. Great data, especially predictive, allows you to be proactive instead of reactive in your marketing strategy. Tools on the market today can tell you which accounts you should go after based on qualifying characteristics of closed/won opportunities in your CRM. Who knew?

5. Challenging the status quo often requires a culture shift within organizations

Biggest challenge to implementing predictive #analytics is culture. @QueBIT_TM1 #momentum15

— Holly Hughes (@hollyjhughes) November 10, 2015

Whether we are talking about predictive analytics or account-based marketing, it can be tough convincing B2B marketers who have gotten used to a certain mindset. The reality is that the world of marketing is ever changing and the smartest marketers do everything they can to keep pace with the latest advances and insights.

Want more awesome B2B marketing, sales and customer experience insights?

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