8 Rockin’ Account-Based Marketing Tweets From #ITSMA15

November 8, 2015 Sangram Vajre


This week, B2B Marketers gathered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the ITSMA Marketing Vision 2015 Conference. These days, you can’t talk about B2B Marketing without including account-based marketing in the conversation.

We loved watching all the tweets and seeing everyone get excited about the topic. In case you missed it (or just want to relive the highlight reel), we wanted to bring you eight of our favorites and share why we picked them.

  1. ABM is a marathon, not a sprint.

Jeff Sands: ABM is a long-term strategic investment. You need top-down support. #ITSMA15

— Erin Brenner (@ebrenner) November 4, 2015

Something I see commonly is marketers who are still focused on lead generation as a goal and expect ABM to bring them quick wins. The honest truth is ABM will bring you fewer leads, but more revenue and higher quality customers that will stay with you longer.

2. Technology has made executing ABM Campaigns easier than ever before.

Technology must become part of marketing's DNA #itsma15 pic.twitter.com/1BkOsGKBpQ

— Serge Perignon (@SergePerignon) November 3, 2015

Before now, ABM has largely been a manual process and connecting the dots of your results was difficult. Today, there are enough ABM tools on the market that G2 Crowd created the first-ever account-based marketing category. I know implementing an ABM program can seem like an overwhelming task, but these tools make it much easier for you to get started.

3. Marketing and Sales Alignment Is Critical to ABM Success

Transparency in sales is vital. And terrifying to salespeople. Still needs to happen, so the goal getting becomes sales buy-in #itsma15

— Andrew Harris (@AndrewDammit) November 4, 2015

At Terminus, we have weekly sales and marketing meetings to ensure both teams are on the same page and working towards the same goals. I also personally spend a great deal of my time sitting in the sales room listening to calls to make sure I truly understand what our customers are looking for.

4. No Two Buyer Journeys Are Alike

Lots of buyers journeys in the market! @julieitsma @ITSMA_B2B #ITSMA15 pic.twitter.com/TZyITU25cr

— Fred M. Isbell (@fmisbell) November 3, 2015

One of the reasons I created the #FlipMyFunnel Movement was because I realized that every buyer journey is unique. Today’s B2B buyer demands personalization and wants to be communicated with on their terms. I recently taught a class on the flipped funnel model and asked the attendees to draw their current funnel. Everyone’s funnel was different and looked a lot like the slide in this tweet.

4. There are humans within accounts. Market to them with this in mind.

Instead of thinking B2B, marketers should think H2H, or human to human. This shift will improve the customer experience #ITSMA15

— Joseph King (@JoeKingCMO) November 3, 2015

One of the first lessons I learned as a B2B marketer is that you are never really marketing to a business. You are marketing to an account full of decision-makers each with their own persona and challenges within their role. Pretending that every person in an account is all the same can be a death sentence to your sale. Personalizing your message and marketing to them on their terms is a much better way to go and will bring much better results.

5. The Traditional B2B Marketing Funnel is Dead. It’s Time for #FlipMyFunnel.

Multiple marketing technology landscapes to choose from @ITSMA_B2B #ITSMA15 pic.twitter.com/Y8mKFynKsx

— Fred M. Isbell (@fmisbell) November 3, 2015

There are many marketing technology landscapes being created, but there’s only one that makes the most sense for account-based marketers. And that’s the #FlipMyFunnel ABM Stack. The reason I created this stack was because I felt the existing landscapes, while comprehensive, were a bit overwhelming when it came to picking the best marketing technology for ABM.

6. Advocacy is an often overlooked part of the customer journey

How to create business value AND drive marketing campaigns #ITSMA15 pic.twitter.com/Ddn2pYtmLb

— Kathy O'Connell (@KathyOConnell73) November 3, 2015

I really liked how this post highlighted the need for B2B marketers to focus on advocacy through account-based marketing. I don’t have to tell you that the cost of keeping a customer is way less than the cost of acquiring one. Additionally, when customers have a great experience with your brand, it doesn’t take much to get them talking about you to their peers. This helps drive additional best-fit customers into your funnel.

7. More Marketing Dollars Are Flowing Toward Adoption and Renewal

Adoption & Renewal Marketing gaining importance w/ acquired @SAP companies @myfavemartin #ITSMA15 pic.twitter.com/qhNYvJ2tqX

— Fred M. Isbell (@fmisbell) November 4, 2015

Riding on the coat tails of my last point, B2B marketers are beginning to realize how important it is to create an amazing customer experience. Investing in that pays dividends in the long run in terms of the success of your business. The interesting thing here is how companies are focusing on getting customers to continuously use their software which helps increase the likelihood of renewal once the contract is up.

8. Communicating with Customers on Their Terms Has Never Been More Important

My how things have changed in 10 years of B2B marketing!! #itsma15 pic.twitter.com/rW5fVOh3ai

— Paul Dunay (@PaulDunay) November 3, 2015

I really couldn’t have said this better myself. The most successful B2B Marketers of today are the ones who find a way to be where their customers are and show their message in a way that isn’t interrupting or intruding on the customer’s day-to-day life. Unfortunately, many B2B marketers are still very channel-focused and customers are demanding more from them.

I can’t say enough good things about the work ITSMA is doing to promote the category of account-based marketing. Seeing the insights from the summit was especially fascinating for me.

What were your biggest takeaways? Tell me in the comments below.

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