Account-Based Marketing for Sales Development

September 6, 2016 Morgan Ingram

Why is account-based marketing essential for sales development?

This chronicle of #TheSDRChronicles is dedicated to account-based marketing and how it helps sales development reps (SDRs). For this session, we’re privileged to have Sangram Vajre, CMO at Terminus, founder of #FlipMyFunnel, and author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies. It’s an awesome chance to hear him talk firsthand about account-based marketing and how it has helped us as SDRs here at Terminus.

Here are key takeaways on how account-based marketing can truly help SDRs
Ending the love/hate relationship with marketing and sales development There’s always the question from sales about what marketing is doing to drive revenue for the organization. Account-based marketing helps to get the entire sales and marketing (or “smarketing”) organization aligned on targeting a set of best-fit accounts, then doing everything they can to win new revenue.

Focusing on accounts instead of leads
There’s a statistic from Forrester Research that less than less than 1% of the leads turn into customers. This means for B2B marketers focused on lead generation that 99% of whatever they’re doing doesn’t drive revenue. “Nobody wants to be in a position where they say, ‘99% of what you do doesn’t matter.'” Sangram says. “I think marketers are just late to the party…the sales team has always been focused on accounts.”

Account-based marketing at events
Terminus actually doubled the number of SDRs going to the conference because there were so many demos being scheduled. Sangram gives the example of preparing for #FlipMyFunnel Boston where the sales development team prepared a list of accounts they wanted to attend the event. The SDR team did a phenomenal job working with the marketing team to create a list of accounts, invite the right contacts, and follow up accordingly.

Account-based marketing for outreach
As an SDR, it has been helpful to have air cover from our marketing team by using our own ABM platform to get in front of prospects. This adds another neat aspect of smarketing because we are utilizing both teams strengths to achieve one goal. Through this method, the SDR team has seen an increase in demos and an ease of conversations with prospects through cold outreach.

In conclusion, these methods have helped the marketing and sales team come together to accomplish some pretty great feats. It also proves that Account-Based Marketing is a strategy that helps align sales and marketing that brings real results. SDRs, sales organizations and marketing teams can benefit from an Account-Based Marketing strategy that will help uplift the entire organization’s efforts.

Learn more about account-based marketing by watching the full interview.

To learn more about account-based marketing, download Chapter 1 ofAccount-Based Marketing For Dummies

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