How Terminus Works for Account-Based Marketing

October 11, 2016 Terminus ABM

Terminus is one of the most innovative #MarTech solutions for account-based marketing.

B2B marketers use Terminus to target accounts, engage decision-makers and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale. B2B marketing and technology leaders such as Dun & Bradstreet, Salesforce, Influitive, Vidyard and WP Engine use Terminus for account-based marketing. Here's how it works following the #FlipMyFunnel ABM framework.

Users can seamlessly integrate your Salesforce CRM with Terminus and build segments of best-fit accounts. Choose your target personas from our database of more than 200 million B2B professionals to expand your reach to all relevant decision makers and influencers.

The #FlipMyFunnel approach for account-based marketing starts by identifying your best-fit accounts. These prospects, opportunities, and customers should match your ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria. Once you've identified your accounts for marketing, the next step is to expand your reach. With millions of data sources available, you can find all the contact information for the stakeholders and decision makers within an account. 

Account-based marketing takes an omnichannel approach to engage contacts in an account on their own terms. Terminus works through an integrated advertising network with more than 50 ad exchanges. Your marketing messages are served up to contacts in your targeted accounts on the channels where they are most active, such as display advertising on the web, mobile advertising, social media, and video marketing.  

The biggest win for using Terminus is to align B2B marketing and sales teams to target best-fit accounts and engage them on multiple channels to create more velocity and progress accounts faster through the buyers' journey. A beautiful feature in Terminus is to see the stage-based progression of accounts, and how quickly those accounts move from "click-to-close".

Terminus is the first platform to provide account-level attribution across digital channels with bi-directional Salesforce integration.  You can increase pipeline metrics from across all stages of the customer journey. 

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Build Your Account-Based Marketing Stack
Build Your Account-Based Marketing Stack

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