How Vidyard Revived Dead Opportunities with Account-Based Marketing

April 10, 2016 Thomas Shields

Customer Testimonial: Tyler Lessard
CMO at Vidyard

Tyler Lessard is the CMO at Vidyard, the leading video marketing platform that helps businesses turn viewers into customers by leveraging video content across their marketing and sales programs and using video analytics to track the interest and intent of their prospects.

Why did you choose Terminus?

We chose Terminus as a part of our overall account-based marketing strategy because it was a perfect compliment to our omnichannel marketing programs. Terminus is great for:

  • Building awareness with targeted accounts of who we are, what our brand stands for, and what the product can do
  • Leveraging insights to understand who is engaging in our content and what messaging is working

@tylerlessard chose Terminus because the #ABM platform helps build awareness about @vidyard
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What strategies are you implementing with Terminus?

We’re using Terminus as part of an overall ABM strategy in a couple of different ways that I’m really excited about.

1. Targeting accounts early in the cycle to build brand awareness, identify propensity to buy and then deliver personalized messaging to individuals in the company. First, we target accounts early in the cycle to build brand awareness which helps our sales team as they introduce themselves to the client. As part of that process, we’re able to identify companies with the greatest purchase intent. Then we’re able to target the right audience with brand awareness messaging online and give the sales team the ability to deliver messages targeted to specific individuals in that company based on how they are responding to ads and other pieces of content.

It’s been a very powerful tool for our sales team to be able to get engaged within an account and to get their attention, which is one of the hardest things to do today.

2. Attracting accounts around specific themes or topics that we’re doing throughout the year. For example, we ran a competitive campaign where we targeted ads at customers of competitive products. The ability to hit both known and unknown people at those companies with our brand provided air cover to our sales team as they go to attach themselves to those prospects.

“The ability to launch #ABM campaigns to both known and unknown prospects is very important”…
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How do you measure success with your Terminus campaigns? (2:37)

We measure success with Terminus in a number of ways. One is the overall lift in awareness among accounts we’re targeting with our display ads and other tactics. We look at the engagement in the campaigns such as click through rates in ads themselves but also the broader awareness and engagement that we see in our content by those accounts being targeted by the Terminus campaigns.

Ultimately we look at the opportunities that are being generated. As a good marketing team, we’re driven by pipeline and by revenue.

We’ve seen a number of campaigns where we’re generating dozens of new opportunities that are being influenced by the ads being served by Terminus.

At the end of the day, we’ve been able to report on the amount of pipeline being generated by these programs, which was north of several millions of dollars on some campaigns, and that’s what’s most important.

@vidyard generated north of several million in sales pipeline using @terminus
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Tyler_Lessard_Vidyard_Account-Based Marketing

Tyler shows off his Terminus socks at the #FlipMyFunnel San Francisco conference

Can you provide metrics behind some of your account-based marketing campaign strategies? 

One of the interesting campaigns we run with Terminus is called our “Dead-ops Revival” campaign. We ran a campaign to target previous dead opportunities, individuals at the accounts that we know as well as others that we didn’t know yet, to raise awareness across the base. It was a great example of how we can re-engage them back into our brand.

Through running a single campaign with Terminus, we were able to revive over 35 different opportunities with those previous dead ops. When you can turn a program on and within 30-60 days generate dozens of new opportunities worth potentially millions of dollars in pipeline, that’s how we know it’s working.

“We ran a Dead-Ops Revival #ABM campaign and revived 35 accounts for pipeline” says @tylerlessard
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What’s one thing you like about Terminus? (4:36)

Of all the many things that I like about Terminus, the biggest thing for me is that it seamlessly integrates into the existing technologies we use, making it very efficient for us to run ABM programs at scale in an automated way.

The Salesforce integration makes it easy for us to create programs to target individuals at companies based on any of the different parameters of our accounts.

Literally with the flick of a switch we can turn on campaigns to target companies over a certain size, in a certain industry, with a certain opportunity status, or with a certain competitive parameter around it.

There are lots of different ways in which we can easily turn on campaigns based on the data we already have about our accounts inside of Salesforce.

We can easily turn on #ABM campaigns using the account data we already have in @salesforce”
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