Influitive Shortened Its Sales Cycle by 10 Days Using Terminus for Account-Based Marketing

May 10, 2016 Thomas Shields

Customer Testimonial: Jim Williams
VP of Marketing at Influitive

Jim Williams is the VP of Marketing at Influitive, an advocate marketing company. Influitive helps businesses to mobilize their customers to go out and spread positive word of mouth, be a reference, refer leads, do a case study, speak to an analyst or the press, etc. – it is a platform that helps marketers generate that kind of advocacy from their customers.

Why did you choose Terminus? (0:35)

I chose Terminus because we needed to shift our marketing strategy. I had built Influitive’s marketing strategy for the last three years based on inbound content marketing – that was the marketing du jour; it’s the marketing I grew up with, came of age with. That’s what I learned to do: generate inbound leads in vast quantities and filter them down through a very, very narrow funnel. There’s something that’s a little bit heartbreaking about that approach.

What we’re trying to do now is shift strategy by focusing on target accounts and, in particular, on a certain buyer in target accounts with very personalized messaging.

I was looking for a tool that allowed me to systematically identify those accounts in Salesforce and get in front of them with targeted messaging and Terminus provided that.

@Terminus allowed me to systematically identify target accounts and get in front of them with…
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What strategies are you implementing with Terminus? (1:22)

So far, we’ve attacked a specific part of our sales funnel. From the time when we actually opened an opportunity to close, there’s actually many stages in there, and that’s when things slow down. That’s when people who were kicking tires actually need to decide whether they’re going to buy and they start to do investigation, justify that expense, and everything else. We used that specific part of the buying process as an opportunity to utilize Terminus and get in front of the right people with the right messaging, and we’ve had really great results so far – in fact, we’ve shortened our sales cycle by 10 days with Terminus.

@Influitive increased velocity from opportunity to closed/won by 10 days with @Terminus
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How do you measure success with your Terminus campaigns? (2:01)

We’re measuring success in two ways right now. There’s two hard metrics, and then there’s softer things that we measure. First, we measure velocity, how long does it take for us to progress a deal through sales stages or how long does it take from us getting from someone who is interested to actually willing to buy the product, and we look at the velocity days and stage. Second, we look at total number of enterprise deals that progress to stages in both time and progression or a conversion rate.

There’s all these softer metrics too. Things that are hard to measure, but that’s the business of marketing. We track if engagement is increasing, more conversations for the sales reps are opening up, and people being more responsive to other forms of communication as well. I set aside those accounts and figure out what does our engagement look like as we progress through these stages, do we see some type of more meaningful interaction with the accounts that are this deep in the funnel.

@Influitive focuses their ABM efforts on increasing velocity and progression rate through the…
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What’s one thing you like about Terminus? (3:03)

You’re probably looking for some feature, widget, button, or integration, but honestly the thing I like the most about Terminus is the people. I’m inspired by Terminus’ vision for account-based marketing. I’m inspired by what Sangram is trying to do with events like this where he gathers a lot of people that are trying to change the business of marketing especially for B2B. In general, they’re very cooperative, helpful, and willing to go out to help us figure out how to do account-based marketing because it’s something we haven’t done before.

If I was to choose a terminator, I’d probably go retro and a little bit old school. My name is Jim Williams, and I’m a classic T109 Terminator, metal on the inside, living flesh on the outside.

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