Kicking Off the #FlipMyFunnel Festival! Account-Based Marketing Comes to Austin

June 7, 2016 Lauren Patrick

Sangram Vajre kicked off the fifth #FlipMyFunnel account-based marketing conference today.

Vajre has been busy since he first unveiled his version of the account-based marketing funnel. The very first #FlipMyFunnel conference in Atlanta outranked Kim Kardashian on Twitter. Since then, he has written Account-Based Marketing for Dummies and hosted #FlipMyFunnel events in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Now the #FlipMyFunnel Festival is going down in Austin.

@sangramvajre kicking off #flipmyfunnel Austin.

— Deana Goldasich (@goldasich) June 7, 2016

Why did he start #FlipMyFunnel for account-based marketing?

Kickin’ off the morning at #flipmyfunnel

— Becca May (@BeccaAnne_May) June 7, 2016

  • Less than 1% of leads turn into customers – Forrester Research
  • Less than 2% of cold calls result in appointments – LeadJob
  • In B2B, on average, 7 people are involved in most buying decisions – Gartner
  • Close to 50% of B2B marketers want to measure pipeline velocity and revenue as the key metrics – #FlipMyFunnel

The old B2B marketing and sales funnel hasn’t been challenged for more than 15 years

B2B sales marketing funnel

The old success metrics are vanity metrics, such as content downloads, open rates, and marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Do these people actually care about what your company is doing? It’s time to challenge the status quo of B2B marketing and sales. We must think about our best-fit prospects and customers.

It’s all about reaching the right contacts in accounts on their own terms

Account-based marketing helps B2B marketers get laser-focused, putting your time, energy, and resources on your best-fit accounts instead of wasting money on traditional lead generation.


B2B marketers can only create advocates if they know who these contacts are… and that all starts with identifying best-fit accounts. Account-based marketing truly represents the future of the B2B industry. The cold facts, customer success stories, and twitter conversations from advocates clearly show that #ABM is the future and #FlipMyFunnel is the solution.

There’s much more to come today from #FlipMyFunnel. Follow the conversation on Twitter or follow #FlipMyFunnel.


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