Road Trippin’ with the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing Roadshow

December 16, 2015 Nikki Nixon

As a young company, we always get excited when we have the opportunity to pack our bags and spread the gospel of account-based marketing in a new destination. Last week, we took the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing Roadshow to both Boston and Chicago. Lucky for us Southerners, it wasn’t too cold up north. One thing was crystal clear, though…account-based marketing is HOT!

Our first stop on the roadshow was in the windy city of Chicago. Not only did we flip funnels but we also got to enjoy some delicious deep dish pizza too! One of the highlights of our trip was spending time with the awesome team over at Symbiont Group and learning more about how they are educating their clients on account-based marketing. And their view of the Chicago River cannot be beat!


The event was held at Revel Downtown, a beautiful ballroom in Downtown Chicago. There was a packed house of engaged attendees who were eager to learn about the latest B2B marketing innovations.


We had the opportunity to hear from Megan Heuer, Jon Miller, Jim WilliamsAdrienne Weissman and our very own CMO, Sangram Vajre, on topics ranging from ways to measure your account-based marketing results to real-world ABM campaigns and best practices for turning your customers into advocates.

Here are a couple of my favorite tweets from Chicago:

Time to draw funnels at #FlipMyFunnel Chicago

— #FlipMyFunnel (@FlipMyFunnel) December 8, 2015

Buyers want near equal balance of human and non-human communication when buying | via @megheuer #flipmyfunnel

— Steve Susina (@ssusina) December 8, 2015

After meeting some great Chicagoans (who are the textbook definition of hustlers), it was time to board the plane and head to Boston.


#FlipMyFunnel Boston exceeded our wildest dreams. The event was held at Laugh Boston, a super cool comedy club inside the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. In addition to the already solid lineup of speakers, Alex Turner joined the tour to share all about account-based sales development and how it helps drive marketing and sales alignment. The room was full to the brim and so were the insights.

IMG_0827 2IMG_0826 2IMG_0829

The sponsors were pretty awesome as well. Shoutout here our friends at Dun & Bradstreet Netprospex and local Atlanta company, Launch.


Here are a few of my favorite tweets from the Boston event:

Always loved @megheuer & still do. “ABM has been around for 10 years. Has it evolved .. yes.” <what is old is once again new> #flipmyfunnel

— Trish Bertuzzi (@bridgegroupinc) December 10, 2015

@megheuer shares the 4 types of #ABM with the #FlipMyFunnel roadshow participants #sales #marketing — Matt Benati (@mattbenati) December 10, 2015


Showing off some #MarketingHero muscles at #FlipMyFunnel @LaurenVescera1 @fumiakimaru — D&B NetProspex (@NetProspex) December 10, 2015

@FlipMyFunnel: All great marketing starts with #data@jimcwilliams of @influitive #flipmyfunnel

— Brian P. Hession (@brianhession) December 10, 2015

Nice food spread at #flipmyfunnel…always a good thing. — Jeff Coveney (@RevEngineMarket) December 10, 2015

We missed you too Jill Rowley. Catch you at our next roadshow? 😉

Sad I can’t be at #flipmyfunnel in boston. Photoshop me in? 😉#MotherOfMarketingAutomation#QueenOfSocialSelling

— Jill Rowley (@jill_rowley) December 10, 2015

The event ended with an opportunity to meet some of the most badass ladies in sales, Trish Bertuzzi, Lori Richardson and Laurie Page.


Team Terminus had a great time on our road tour and we are already talking about our next adventure. Want to know where it is? Stay tuned!



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