Terminator Travels – Perks of Working at an Atlanta Startup

July 13, 2016 Mallory Strange

A big perk of working for a startup is unlimited vacations. This means the possibilities are endless when it comes to the places we’ll go.

Working for a startup has many perks and few downsides. Employees at startups are constantly in grind mode and often forget the importance of unwinding and taking their minds off of work. One of the perks of working at Terminus is our unlimited vacation policy. Yes, you read that correctly, we mean unlimited.

In our core values, #2 says, “We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each person on our team,” and we truly live by this value.

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We believe that happy employees make for a happy work environment, and what could make someone happier than a vacation? We welcome our Terminators to take as much vacation time as needed, whenever needed.

Here are some of the amazing trips our Terminators have taken this summer:


Our Director of Sales, Tonni, spent five days unplugged in Cancun. This was her first vacation in more than two years, so she spent it away from her computer and phone, completely detached from her work life. We all need a break like this once in a while!


Our Director of Customer Success, Sydney, took a week-long trip to Guatemala and even hiked a volcano that she saw erupt!

  account-based marketing

Our Summer Marketing Intern, Kaitlin, took a family trip to Amelia Island. While there, she kayaked, watched fireworks, and spent much needed time with her family. Weekends like this one are what we remember for the rest of our lives.


Going abroad is definitely a great way to spend your unlimited vacation time. Our Director of Sales Development, Lucas, and his wife spent two weeks in Italy. While there they traveled to the top of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, the Island of Capri, Venice, and many other amazing places. Viva Italia!


IMG_7557After the #FlipMyFunnel Account-Based Marketing conference in Austin, many Terminators stuck around to explore the city. Account Executive, Chris Reene, explored the restaurant scene in Austin, trying out Truluck’s Seafood Restaurant.


One of our awesome Account Executives, Amanda, also spent extra time after #FlipMyFunnel in Austin. In Austin, she visited “The Cathedral of Junk” and took in the vibrant Austin culture.


Stevie, one of our Software Engineers, and his wife celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary with a trip to the Pacific Northwest! Friends hosted them on Bainbridge Island, Wash., and they enjoyed exploring Seattle’s Pike Place Market, hiking in Olympic National Park, and tiny housing it up in Portland.

  CBH 2016

Customer Success Manager, Thomas, has been volunteering as a counselor at Camp Big Heart for over a decade. The camp is for special needs children and adults in Perry, Ga., where campers do all sorts of activities such as archery, boating, ninja, cooking, and (of course) the all important camp dance!


Brandon, one of our software engineers, recently went on his honeymoon, spending 10 days in Europe. While there he and his wife spent time exploring the beautiful wonders of Barcelona, Paris, Cannes, Florence, Rome, and Pompeii.


Our graphic designer, Shannel, vacationed in Costa Rica for a week in May. While there she was able to eat fresh food from the farm (prepared by their own personal chef), zip-line at 60mph, hang out in a hot spring, hike the rainforest, and meet many great people. When asked about her trip, Shannel said “We got a taste of the rustic farm life in Pital, traveled the dirt roads to the city of La Fortuna and had an awesome view of the Arenal volcano! Most of all, I was able to learn about another culture and gain a better understanding of a different part of the world. Pura vida!”



Reese, one of our Account-Based Marketing specialists, flew north to Calgary, Canada, to go hiking in Banff. He and a few of his buddies spent most of their time exploring the wilderness and checking out some incredible views. “It seriously looked like some magical land out of a fairy tale,” Reese said. “The mountains were all perfectly snow-capped and the water everywhere was bright blue and crystal clear. When we weren’t hiking, you could find us eating way more poutine than one person ever should in a week. I have a new found love for gravy and french fries.”


f1e45947-44ad-4fc1-9ddc-c9797eaee5f3Our summer intern, Maddie, visited New York to spend the weekend with friends in the city. She explored Brooklyn and Manhattan and went to a food festival on the beach called Smorgasburg.



Our SDR Team Lead, Brad, spent two weeks of enjoying the food, sights, and culture of Italy, Croatia, and France with a couple of good friends. You can’t go to Paris without getting an Eiffel Tower shot!


Our Director of Marketing Operations, Stephanie, spent a weekend in Golf Shores, Alabama with her family. While there she indulged in Account-Based Marketing For Dummies on the beach!

Have you taken any fun trips this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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