Terminus Featured on Georgia Public Broadcasting

October 27, 2015 Lauren Patrick

Terminus CEO and founder, Eric Spett, was interviewed on Georgia Public Broadcasting. In this Future Perfect Podcast, GPB’s sci-tech correspondent Renay San Miguel asks Spett about various topics including:

  • How Atlanta has become a technology hub
  • What it takes to grow a startup into a successful business
  • Opportunities in B2B account-based marketing and marketing technology (MarTech)

Spett explained how Atlanta became a hub for technology because there are success stories associated with the growth of Silicon Valley South – such as Pardot. The main drivers are from not just marketing, but also the rise of marketing and sales technology. Specifically in B2B, the MarTech innovation and growth in Atlanta is becoming so dominant now because of David (Cummings) and his exit, Spett said.

A couple of weeks after the sale of Pardot, Spett explained how he reached out to Cummings and said he would love to be a part of what he was building next. Spett became the first employee of Kevy – one of Cummings startups based out of the Atlanta Technology Village.

‘It’s 100% a community’ shoutouts @KylePorter @SalesLoft & @jonbirdsong @rivalry by @ericspett
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“About a year into my time at Kevy, David said ‘You should probably think about starting another company pretty soon’ and then a couple of months later he helped provide the seed funding for Terminus,” Spett explained.

Spett and his co-founders, Sangram Vajre and Eric Vass, all recognized there was a huge opportunity in the B2B marketing world for a software platform to do account-based marketing at scale, bringing a technology solution to a massively underserved market.

‘I’m all into the account-based marketing world and I love it.’ – @ericspett #ABM
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As Renay said to Spett in his interview, Terminus is “white hot” on our growth. Terminus recently announced our $1.8 million in seed funding, which will help to accelerate our growth in the MarTech industry.

Success in much more likely in the B2B world, Spett stated. “I don’t come from the marketing world. I love building a business. I love the product, success, people, the team, everything that goes into it.”

Hear Spett’s own words in the Future Perfect Podcast below.

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