The First-Ever Account-Based Marketing Twitter Chat

October 13, 2015 Sangram Vajre


Terminus recently hosted the first-ever #ABMChat on Twitter. Within one hour, we generated nearly 500 tweets reaching more than 100,000 people! Tons of Twitterers tuned in to learn more about account-based marketing and flipping the traditional funnel on its head.

Here were our VIP guests for the first #ABMChat:


Matt Benati – CEO and Co-Founder at LeadGnome
Pam Hege – a Lead to Revenue Expert
Jeff Perkins – CMO at QASymphony

The biggest theme of the #ABMChat was making the switch from lead generation to account-based marketing. The discussion started off with this first question about the obstacles B2B marketers face with the traditional sales funnel.


A1: Volume of leads don’t really matter. It’s all about converting those leads into meaningful sales conversations. #ABMCHAT

— Jeff Perkins (@jeffperkins8) October 8, 2015

@SZinsmeister Welcome to #ABMChat! Glad to see you.

— Terminus (@Terminus) October 8, 2015

A1: there’s a lot of waste from a lead-based marketing approach – you’re nowhere converting close to 100% at each stage #ABMchat @Terminus

— Tony Yang (@tones810) October 8, 2015

A1: Having lots of TOFU content might attract net new leads, but doesn’t drive conversions at the account level. #ABMCHAT

— Candyce Edelen (@CandyceEdelen) October 8, 2015

It’s important to note the “TOFU” acronym stands for “top of funnel” in the traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel. It comes down to the fact that having lots of activity at the TOFU doesn’t matter if those leads don’t generate revenue for your organization. This was a great way to head into our second #ABMChat question from our VIP Guest, Pam Hege.

How does a B2B marketing team successfully switch over to account-based marketing?

A2: You need tools that can reliably map individuals to accounts, or you’re going nowhere. #ABMCHAT

— Melissa Lincoln (@LincolnMelissa) October 8, 2015

A2: Also, strategic selection of accounts. Selecting a big account for the sake of being a big won’t be a success #ABMCHAT @revenuemarketer

— Majda Anwar (@MajdaTPG) October 8, 2015

The strategic selection of accounts is the first step of the account-based marketing funnel which is to identify your ideal customers. This is where it’s essential for B2B marketing and sales teams to be in alignment, as we discussed in our next question from Jeff Perkins.


@jeffperkins8 Agree completely, but have had trouble moving past some of the old school measurements like open rates, etc.

— Einstein Industries (@EinsteinInd) October 8, 2015

@mattbenati @jeffperkins8 Content quota? Hadn’t thought about that. Perhaps a new way to look at #EmployeeAdvocacy? #ABMCHAT

— Gary McIntire (@garymcintire) October 8, 2015

Growing accounts should be a shared responsibility for B2B marketing and sales teams. One challenge with this alignment is setting metrics to accurately measure how accounts are progressing through the inverted funnel, which was our next question presented.


A4: Lead-based metrics miss the point if that’s all you rely on. Massive score for a single engaged lead meaningless. #ABMCHAT

— Candyce Edelen (@CandyceEdelen) October 8, 2015

A4: Dashboards need to show movement, not static numbers. ABM should move folks through the sale cycle more quickly. #ABMChat

— Pam Hege (@PamHege) October 8, 2015

A:4. Short-term results look like golf scores–you’re counting people leaving. #Retention Production scores expand with trust. #ABMCHAT

— Gary McIntire (@garymcintire) October 8, 2015

To wrap up our #ABMChat, the last question from Matt Benati focused on how those metrics measure success in account-based marketing.


A5 – Down with MQLs. Means nothing. Completely subjective, we can change the volume in any given second. All that matters is pipe. #ABMChat

— Adam New-Waterson (@RevTechCMO) October 8, 2015

@mattbenati @RevTechCMO Depends how you define the MQL. It can be useful. #ABMChat

— Jeff Perkins (@jeffperkins8) October 8, 2015

@MajdaTPG > Exactly. That’s why we understand at a campaign by campaign level, how much Generate vs Influence. What was the %Focus. #ABMChat

— Adam New-Waterson (@RevTechCMO) October 8, 2015

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in our #ABMChat! Also thanks to Melissa Lincoln at Leadspace for sharing her awesome #ABMChat recap. What questions and answers were the most useful for you?

We’d love to know your thoughts as we gear up for our next #ABMChat on Twitter. Until then, be sure to follow @Terminus for the latest news and trends in account-based marketing.


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