[ABM Case Study] Bullhorn Handpicks and Engages Target Accounts

Alexandra Barca is a Senior Demand Generation Specialist at Bullhorn, a CRM solutions provider for relationship-driven businesses.  One of Alex's top priorities is managing and optimizing the company's account based marketing efforts.  Since her team has started using Terminus for ABM, one of the key lessons learned is how important it is for marketing to be closely aligned with the sales team. "There needs to be constant communication and feedback between the two teams for these campaigns to really succeed," Alex explains. "I think that we're improving that feedback loop every day."

"Our ABM efforts have just facilitated a lot more conversations between the two teams which really ensures that our marketing messaging and their sales pitches are very consistent. "

One of the unique features of running account-based marketing campaigns through Terminus is the fact that sales reps can "handpick" target accounts to engage through advertising campaigns.  Alex explains that through this alignment between marketing and sales, they've  been able to accomplish more with their ABM efforts. Using a tool like Terminus allows marketing to serve more targeted messages to more accounts, or better accounts in the eyes of the sales team.

"Since I've started with Terminus, things have only improved...I think it can only get better from here."

Using Terminus, the Bullhorn marketing team can run a report on the account level demonstrating to the sales team exactly how those accounts are interacting with the advertising messages they are serving up to contacts in target accounts.

"The fact that we can use Terminus for a report on an account level and tell them exactly how those accounts are interacting with our ads really helps."

Every week, her marketing team meets to review how they're influencing the pipeline for sales. "I think that is the ultimate measure of success," she says. "We want to figure out, are we helping create net new opportunities and are we helping add a significant amount of pipeline through our ABM efforts?"

"Our sales team know who to reach out to and when based on the activity that's happening in Terminus." 

Another key benefit that Alex cites about working with Terminus is the responsiveness of her customer success manager. "I feel like I'm always telling our customer service rep how they can make changes to the software, how they can make things better for our experience to get better," she says, "and I think he is always relaying that back to the team. 

"Every day I feel like there's a new feature that's going to make my life easier and make targeting accounts easier. They even just announced a new UI that I'm really excited about using."

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