[ABM Case Study] How Invoca Increased Conversions by 200%


Julia Stead is the Director of Demand Generation at Invoca, one of the leading call intelligence platforms. They provide attribution and analytics for marketers to know what’s driving inbound calls to their business which helps them know which marketing strategies work and which don’t. We asked Julia how Invoca increased conversions by 200% with ABM and Terminus.

Why did you choose Terminus?

I noticed that we were wasting a lot of time and money on display advertising to prospects that weren’t really the right fit for us or would never purchase from us. This lead to me to look for a solution that allowed us to narrow our focus and spend on display advertising. I chose Terminus because they were not only focused on key accounts but:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Cost-effective

 What account-based marketing strategies are you implementing with Terminus?

We’ve mainly used Terminus for its ability to reach decision-makers with personalized advertising. The way that Terminus syncs with Salesforce and allows us to serve ads to specific members of a Salesforce campaign has been invaluable to creating a very customized and personalized display advertising experience that matches all of the other campaigns that we are running at the same time. Having these campaigns to different industries automated through Terminus’ platform allows us to cut down on a lot of overhead on creating multiple campaigns.

How do you measure success with your Terminus campaigns?

Measuring success is one of the things I love most about the Terminus platform. What we’ve been able to measure is the impact that display advertising with Terminus has on our overall engagement and conversion rate. When we serve up display ads alongside direct mail, email, and other channels we notice anywhere from a 50-200% increase in the number of conversions and opportunities that are created from people that see our Terminus ads. 

With display advertising, it’s notoriously hard to measure ROI, especially with B2B because you don’t really drive a lot of conversions directly from people clicking through banner ads. Being able to prove that ROI has been invaluable to our marketing team.

What’s one thing you like about Terminus?

Naming one thing I like best about Terminus is hard, but I can narrow it down to the top 3.

1. The ability to serve specific ads to the accounts that we want to target is one of my favorite things about Terminus simply because display advertising has been so hard to prove ROI on.

2. How quick and easy it is to get started. It only takes minutes to set up campaigns and the integration took less than a week to go live. The ease of use has been wonderful.

3. Last but not least is how Terminus naturally syncs with Salesforce. All of our campaigns and segmentation data flows bi-directionally, which allows us to easily customize all of our campaigns the same way.

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