[ABM Case Study] How SOASTA Shortened Their Sales Cycle by 40%

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Jenny Coupe, VP of Customer Acquisition and one of our Top 45 ABM Superheroes, explains why SOASTA decided to implement account-based marketing and why Terminus was the first ABM tool they added to their tech stack. She also explains how implementing Terminus has made their digital efforts more efficient, decreasing the sales cycle for digitally sourced deals from 95 days to 57 days. SOASTA, recently acquired by CDN services firm, Akamai, is a website performance analytics company based in Mountain View, California. They work with e-commerce companies who rely on their websites to maximize revenue by providing data analytics and software to help optimize the customer experience.

Making the Case for Account-Based Marketing with Terminus

When Jenny started at SOASTA about a year ago, the first thing she did was meet with her VP of Sales and VP of Inside Sales to discuss their target account strategy and introduce the idea of account-based marketing. Their previous demand generation efforts were heavily focused on events, which proved to be extremely expensive and unscalable. In order to deliver more pipeline and closed-won revenue with less budget, Jenny and her team decided to scale back on events and invest more in digital marketing, but in a very strategic, targeted way. To improve their digital marketing strategy, Jenny wanted to make sure they were able to address one of their biggest challenges: getting their message in front of the entire buying committee that is typically involved in their sales process. They needed to reach both IT and Marketing decision-makers with messaging that addressed the challenges and pain points each function faces – which wasn’t possible with the tools they were currently using. She needed a more targeted display advertising solution.

“The reason we brought on Terminus is because we had a gap in our digital strategy,” Jenny shares. “We were doing Google paid search, we were doing retargeting, but we didn’t have a way to holistically cover our target accounts at scale.”

Hear from Jenny firsthand in her video case study!

The ability to serve relevant messages to the right personas at only target accounts while decreasing opportunity and customer acquisition costs allowed Jenny to sell account-based marketing to the SOASTA leadership team and paved the way for Terminus to become the first step in their ABM journey.

How Terminus Fits into an Existing MarTech Stack

When Jenny first joined SOASTA, their tech stack was built around standard lead-based marketing tools. She selected Terminus as their foundational platform to get started with account-based marketing. “When I started with SOASTA about a year ago,” Jenny explains, “we were basically a Salesforce and Marketo shop. I had some search marketing happening in the background, and we were doing retargeting, but I had to ask myself, ‘What’s the one thing I want to add to my tech stack this year?’ I’ve only added one thing to my tech stack this year, and it’s Terminus.” For Jenny, the main reason she only wanted to add one tool was simple. She asked herself, “Do we have the person onboard that can do the care and feeding?” Before joining SOASTA, Jenny had previously made the mistake of adding too many tools too quickly and realized that if you don’t have a well-defined strategy and goal in place and someone to devote the time and effort to use the tool to execute that strategy, it’s a waste of time and money. So, why did Jenny choose Terminus as the single new piece of marketing technology she invested in this year? Jenny knew she wanted to focus more on scalable, targeted digital marketing efforts that are in line with SOASTA’s ABM strategy. “By implementing Terminus and creating different campaigns to target different personas [and] vertical markets, that’s just something we couldn’t do before with our traditional digital strategy,” she says. The Terminus platform allows Jenny to organize accounts into campaigns, reach more decision-makers, and target only best-fit accounts with digital advertising. Learn more from Jenny by listening to her recent webinar, "How to Become an ABM Superhero."

Using Terminus Throughout the Buyer’s Journey

When SOASTA first implemented Terminus, they started small and expanded their efforts over time. “The beauty with Terminus,” Jenny shares, “is you can set up different custom campaigns. I was able to A/B test a lot of different things, find that sweet spot, and then double down there.” Jenny did several different A/B tests, including comparing ad size and formats, marketing assets, and CTAs. This helped her quickly figure out which creative and messaging were most effective so she could optimize her campaigns. She started out using Terminus solely for generating awareness in their target accounts but quickly realized there were other opportunities for Terminus to have a positive impact further down the funnel. 

The Results

In addition to shortening SOASTA's sales cycles from 95 to 57 days, focusing more effort and resources into their digital strategy has really started to pay off for Jenny and her sales team. “We went from delivering 40% of closed-won, marketing-sourced business from digital to about 70%,” Jenny explains. “Of that 70%, half is display advertising. This enables us to deliver more for less.”

“We haven’t had good reach historically around marketing to marketing function and C-level function. We’re noticing that by [leveraging] Terminus for that reach, we’re seeing faster acceleration with our opportunity stages.”

This initial success with account-based marketing and Terminus gave Jenny the results she needed to socialize the idea throughout the company and validate that ABM really works to close more deals more quickly. She’s been able to use those success metrics from Terminus to focus even more on their ABM strategy, with plans to invest more in direct mail and focused field events.

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