[ABM Case Study] Uberflip Creates Personalized Content Experiences to Accelerate Deals

Hana Abaza leads the marketing department at Uberflip. Uberflip focuses on helping marketers create, manage, and optimize tailored content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey. Learn more about how Uberflip aligns content marketing + sales for ABM.

Why did you choose Terminus?

"As we move into account-based marketing, we are realizing that is really important to be much more targeted in our marketing and sales strategy," Hana explains. "Targeting is a really big thing for us on a couple different levels. Targeting the right people is huge of course, but also targeting them in the right stage of the buying process is equally important."

"Ultimately what we want to do on the marketing side is to help accelerate deals and drive pipeline and we feel that Terminus really helps us do that."

What strategies are you implementing with Terminus?

"For us, we are automating a lot of our campaigns around targeting the right people through various channels," Hana says. "Because Uberflip is one of the solutions where we need to touch multiple decision-makers across the organization, Terminus helps us get the air cover we need to raise awareness around Uberflip as well as get more engagement going. Automating that process has been hugely helpful for us."

"By using Terminus we are able to better target existing accounts that we are already engaged with or companies that we know we want in our portfolio of companies."

What outcomes did you hope to see with Terminus?

"Engagement is always something that we are keeping an eye on and concerned about. But we really want to start optimizing the MQL and SQL stages and others a little bit further down the funnel," Hana explains. "We want to know how to accelerate the cycle between someone becoming an MQL and actually filtering down the funnel and having meaningful conversations with our sales team."

"Deal acceleration is also huge on our radar. Having tools like Terminus helps us to make sure that the whole acceleration process is very aligned."

How are you aligning your marketing and sales efforts?

"Alignment is a huge discussion, especially when talking about account-based marketing. The key for us is for our marketing and sales teams to align on which accounts we're targeting. We've got that taken care of. So now it starts to drill down to how we execute this and this is where Terminus come into play with us."

The accounts that we have agreed upon with our sales team now can be targeted within Terminus around the automated campaigns that we are running.

"When we are using Terminus to target various people under those accounts, we can then link them back to our own Uberflip hub where we have really created the custom experience for them. We want to make sure it goes full circle around the accounts, the execution part is really targeted, and then we bring them back to an experience that is also really targeted."

What are some things you like about Terminus?

"The biggest thing is targeting capabilities. Without that there is no account-based marketing strategy. In general, the tool is very easy to use, is really aligned with the other tools we are using, and fits in well with our overall stack."

"The more we see account-based marketing tools like Terminus pop up, the more we will really understand what type of metrics to use, and how we actually define that process around executing the account-based marketing strategy."
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