[ABM Case Study] How Wyng Scheduled More Demos Using Terminus

Jeff Soriano is the Senior Director of Demand Generation at Wyng (formerly Offerpop). The Wyng platform offers brands the ability to build fun and interactive campaigns to get consumers to engage and interact with their activities in content.  For generating new revenue, it's the marketing team's job to demonstrate all the cool features that Wyng provides.

To help communicate Wyng's value proposition, the marketing team uses Terminus to increase awareness within their target accounts. This is one of Jeff's favorite strategies to help the Wyng sales team accelerate its sales cycle.

"I have campaigns running in Terminus where we're targeting opportunities that are early stage and helping them expand their reach within those opportunities. When more people come into the buying process, they're already aware of who we are, what we do, and the value that we provide."

Jeff explains how Terminus has been helpful for scheduling more meetings and generating more pipeline for the Wyng sales team. Because of the Terminus platform's ability to track engagement metrics, the marketing and sales team could go back and look at which accounts were interacting with their advertising campaigns. From there, the business development reps (BDRs) or sales development reps (SDRs) could follow up accordingly to schedule a demo.

"There was an interest level that really got our accounts to say, 'Yes, I'll take that 15 minute demo.' Whereas, in the past, we were getting a lot more, 'Wait, who's this calling me?' I think that's a really big benefit when you're putting a lot of dollars and time into having people make phone calls. 

One of the benefits Jeff cites for using Terminus is to have all the different interactions in the sales process documented. "To be able to do it all in one place is hugely beneficial because you're not only just looking at one single thing," Jeff explains. "You're looking at it all very holistically."

"Accounts are really engaging with us, so the ability to go back to a sales rep and say, 'Hey, I know exactly which of your opportunities is really engaged,' and having them use that as a compelling reason to reach out has formed a meaningful relationship between marketing and sales." 

Another key benefit for Wyng is to see what type of content people are engaging with through Terminus. "It goes back to really testing a lot of different things to understand what drives the most engagement," Jeff says, "because that engagement is, ultimately, what accelerates the pipeline."

Want to learn more? Request a demo now or contact your sales representative.

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