[Webinar Slides] How to Build an Award-Winning ABM Program

Watch the webinar recording: http://bit.ly/2AdtSVa This webinar features SiriusDecisions ABM Program winner of the year, Malachi Threadgill, as he shares how Masergy successfully transformed their revenue team from lead-based to account-based. Malachi shares how his team: - Created 7X more opportunities. - Increased opportunity MRR by 50%. - Decreased their sales cycle by 10%. You will also learn: - Tips for getting started with your ABM strategy. - How Masergy aligned marketing with sales. - Practical advice for segmenting and prioritizing accounts.

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[Webinar Slides] How to Deliver Account-Based Insights
[Webinar Slides] How to Deliver Account-Based Insights

Learn how to build complete account and contact profiles, then use this data to empower your marketing and ...