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Challenge the Status Quo of B2B Marketing Account-Based Marketing Is the Answer The Problem with Lead-Based Marketing Less than 1% of leads become revenue. (Forrester Research) B2B marketers are seeing better performance from their ABM programs, including more pipeline and revenue, improved win rates, larger deal sizes, and shorter sales cycles. And B2B companies are taking note. The average budget allocated to ABM increased 23.5% in 2017. (ITSMA 2017 ABM Benchmark Report) Average buying committee includes nearly 7 people across multiple departments. (HBR) Buyers are researching anonymously but expecting a tailored experience. What is Account-Based Marketing? ABM is a focused approach to B2B marketing in which marketing and sales teams work together to identify best-fit accounts and engage the entire buying committee with a highly personalized experience. AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION PURCHASE ? ? ! Marketing dollars spent arbitrarily throughout funnel Traditional Funnel (old way) The #FlipMyFunnel Model © for Account-Based Marketing (new way) 97% of marketers achieved higher ROI with ABM than with any other marketing initiatives. (Alterra Group) B2B marketers report an average of 171% larger deal sizes from ABM. (TOPO) SOASTA cut the length of their sales cycle by 40% using ABM. (Terminus) Rosetta Stone® generated 70% more sales opportunities with ABM. (Terminus) CHEAT SHEET ACCOUNT-BASED M A R K E T I N G ABM

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