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The Challenges of Lead-Based Marketing + UNITE INBOUND AND ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING Integrate the Terminus ABM Platform with HubSpot Marketing Reach beyond the lead's inbox Nurturing a single contact at a target account is not enough. B2B purchases involve multiple decision-makers and influencers. To generate more pipeline and win more revenue, marketers must take an account-based approach to influence the key stakeholders involved in a buying decision across multiple channels. Terminus makes it easy to do ABM well. Engage the entire buying center at target accounts Reach more key stakeholders at an account with digital ads without requiring their contact data or a visit to your website. Account-based advertising campaigns can be triggered directly from a HubSpot Workflow and will ensure your marketing message reaches the entire buying committee. Orchestrate multi-channel nurture campaigns The Terminus integration with HubSpot Marketing makes it easy to add account- based advertising to any Workflow. Coordinate the same message between email nurtures and digital advertising. By amplifying your message across multiple channels, you ensure the account is engaged and ready to buy. Measure account engagement Complementing HubSpot's marketing analytics, Terminus provides insight into how engaged the buying center at an account is. Terminus captures account engagement on your website — even from those individuals that do not identify themselves through a web form — to better understand an account's interest and buying intent. Terminus is the clear leader in ABM, but they also really get the philosophy of inbound. They understand that account-based marketing should be about precision and personalization not brute force. That is the kind of account-based marketing we want to see spread in the industry. BRAD COFFEY Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot

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