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How Terminus is Different Limitations of Retargeting Retargeting engages individuals who have visited your website but doesn't take into account the fact that they may not have decision-making power, or they may be one of a larger group of stakeholders. Retargeting often misses the key stakeholder. Retargeting is reactive, meaning it cannot target potential customers who don't visit your website, causing you to miss out on a large percentage of your potential buyers. Retargeting targets everyone who comes to your site. As a result, you end up wasting ad spend on people who are not a fit for your solution, including competitors and job applicants. Terminus is proactive. It enables marketers to select the precise companies and job titles they want to engage with their ads, whether or not anyone at those accounts has visited your company's website. No contact data is required. Terminus allows marketers to automate campaigns based on criteria in their CRM, such as firmographics or stage in the sales cycle. Campaigns are easier to set up, more cost-efficient, and highly targeted. Terminus does not charge a margin on media spend, so we're not incentivized to drive up our customers' ad spend. Our AdOps team is focused on delivering the highest quality impressions from your target accounts and personas at the lowest cost. BUY $ That's why B2B companies are turning to account-based marketing and technology like Terminus, which allows sales and marketing teams to identify best-fit accounts and engage decision-makers using targeted advertising. One of the most common questions we get is how Terminus differs from retargeting. Retargeting is a form of digital marketing by which website visitors are cookied and then served ads based on the specific webpages they've visited and their behavior on those pages. Terminus, on the other hand, uses targeted advertising to proactively engage with your audience. Let's take a closer look at the differences between the two. Terminus vs. Retargeting "We brought on Terminus because we had a gap in our digital strategy. We were doing Google paid search, we were doing retargeting, but we didn't have a way to holistically cover our target accounts at scale. By implementing Terminus and creating different campaigns to target different personas and verticals, that's just something we couldn't do before with our traditional digital strategy." – Jenny Coupe, VP of Customer Acquisition at SOASTA To sum it up... Retargeting can be a useful tactic for B2B marketers as part of a larger digital strategy, but retargeting alone is largely ineffective because its reach is limited and unfocused. Terminus, on the other hand, allows marketers to proactively reach the right people at the right companies with hypertargeted display, mobile, video, and social media ads as part of a multichannel account-based marketing program. Less than 1% of leads turn into customers. www.terminus.com

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