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For many companies, marketing automation provides the engine to collect information about an individual's engagement with their website and is the primary source for managing landing pages and email campaigns, two key channels used in ABM campaigns. However, it's limited to creating reactive campaigns for only identified prospects ("named" contacts) and does not enable you to target people who aren't in your database. That's why B2B companies are turning to industry-leading ABM platforms like Terminus, which allows sales and marketing teams to proactively engage the entire buying committee at best-fit accounts, even accounts that have not yet come to their website, using targeted advertising. Terminus + Marketing Automation Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) weren't designed for account-based marketing, but they are an important part of the ABM ecosystem. To take your ABM strategy to the next level, add Terminus to your MarTech stack. MARKETING AUTOMATION Captures contact information from activities like content downloads (reactive) Outreach to contacts through email campaigns and other activities to generate demand Integrates with CRM and other software applications to create omnichannel marketing campaigns HOW TERMINUS ENHANCES MAPs Go beyond one contact or lead to expand reach into the account helping to engage the entire buying committee (proactive) Reach contacts through a new channel, digital advertising, by surrounding them with your message even if they aren't yet in your database Close the loop on your marketing campaigns – prospects click on an ad, driving them to a landing page from your MAP, and the account engagement data flows back into your CRM Building a Best-in-Class ABM Tech Stack with Terminus + Marketing Automation Marketing automation is essential for B2B marketers, but MAPs alone can't do ABM. Adding Terminus into your existing MarTech stack allows you to do ABM at scale. With Terminus' hypertargeted display, mobile, video, and social media ads, you can proactively reach the right people at the right companies as part of a multichannel account-based marketing program. "When we decided to do ABM, I thought, 'What's the one tool I want to add to my tech stack?' and that was Terminus." — Jenny Coupe, VP of Customer Acquisition, SOASTA (Akamai Technologies) www.terminus.com TIME THEN AND NOW Progression over the years from foundational inbound marketing to an account-based approach INBOUND (content) MARKETING AUTOMATION (email) ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING (digital ads, direct mail, video)

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