Phononic Embraces ABM 2.0

Lessons from ABM Practitioners

How to Scale Your ABM Campaigns

Get tactical with Daniel Engelbretson, Director of Integrated Marketing at Phononic as he explains their advanced approach to account-based marketing using the TEAM Framework.

The TEAM Framework is an easy way to wrap your head around an account-centric approach to demand generation and B2B sales and customer success.

It covers: 

  • Targeting the right accounts using predictive behavioral signals like engagement, intent, and creative industry-specific data sources or AI-driven engagement models. 
  • Engaging them across multi-channel campaigns that deliver unified, personalized messaging precisely into the right accounts in a way that reaches the entire decision-making committee. 
  • Activating sales or customer success at the right time with powerful AI-driven signals that surface anomalies in account behavior, as well as organizational engineering to keep your sales and marketing teams on the same page and delivering lockstep messaging. 
  • Measuring what matters - that means opportunities, pipeline progression, and real revenue - not vanity metrics.

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[Webinar] How to Build Your First Target Account List
[Webinar] How to Build Your First Target Account List

Thomson Reuters + Terminus Case Study
Thomson Reuters + Terminus Case Study